May 25, 2016

Vistage Recognizes John Asher with Lifetime Achievement Award

Vistage Speaker Lifetime Achievement AwardCongratulations to John Asher, President of ASHER Strategies and founding member of the Business Growth Alliance (BGA), who was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding service and commitment as a Vistage speaker.

Vistage International is an invitation only peer-to-peer membership organization for CEOs, business owners and executives. Vistage assembles and facilitates private advisory groups for its over 21,000 members.

Recipients of the award must meet minimum requirements, including delivery of at least 500 presentations to Vistage groups and 10 years of tenure on the Vistage speaking circuit. Additionally, the award is only presented to speakers who are consistently among the top-ranked speakers each year, and are flexible, responsive and committed to the Vistage mission.

Over the past 18 years John has delivered more than 1,000 presentations to 15,000 Vistage CEOs, and every year is among the top ranked speakers across their organization. As a keynote speaker and master facilitator at ASHER Strategies, John has successfully trained more than 35,000 salespeople in more than 1,200 organizations. ASHER Strategies specializes in sales and marketing education, strategic planning facilitation, and business development process workshops.

Read more in the ASHER Strategies’ Press Release.

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