June 06, 2016

François de Visscher contributes to Family Office Private Capital Forum

François de Visscher, President and Founder of de Visscher & Co. and Co-Founder of the Business Growth Alliance (BGA), recently joined a panel of industry experts at the Family Office Private Capital Forum at the University Club of Chicago on May 6th 2016.

The Family Office Private Capital Forum (FOPCF), is an interactive educational meeting for single family offices hosted by Handler Thayer LLP, a long time legal advisor to single family offices.  Tailored to the select audience of family office principals and executives, the forum explores best practices in office investments in areas such as investment strategies, legal structures and governance matters. Over 200 attendees representing more than 100 family offices attended this year’s event.

François contributed to the panel discussion "Developing a Private Capital Strategy,” led by Martin Beck, Managing Director at MAT Capital, LLC. The panel included highly experienced capital strategy professionals including Paul J. Carbone (Managing Partner, Pritzker Group Private Capital), Ward McNally (Managing Partner, McNally Capital, LLC), and Adam Kaufman (Entrepreneur and Chair, Cleveland Assoc. of Family Office Executives).

Highly rated by the audience as “most well-experienced panel,” the participants in the discussion offered “thought-provoking” insights into private capital strategy, development and execution of direct investments, and the growing trend of co-investing with other families, particularly in Europe.

In discussing strategy, François emphasized the importance of developing direct investments around the family’s mission statement and establishing a clear investment policy for such investments. François also articulated his own experience of co-investing with other families when making direct investments – “Families Investing in Families™.”

According to de Visscher, “Most single family offices—whether they have operating businesses or not—are currently increasing their asset allocation towards direct investments to improve returns, align the interests among investors, and more efficiently transmit the family's total wealth to future generations. The Family Office Private Capital Forum is an opportunity to learn and interact with some of the most well-known family offices on their experience as long term private investors.”

Francois looks forward to participating in the 2017 Family Office Private Capital Forum.

View the 2016 Family Office Private Capital Forum details here.

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