July 19, 2016

Paul Quinn Joins HWSC as Managing Director

Paul QuinnHWSC is pleased to announce that Paul Quinn has recently joined as a Managing Director.

Mr. Quinn brings to client engagements a unique blend of financial and operational experiences honed by working with a wide array of businesses, from multi-billion dollar enterprises to pre-revenue technology startups. Leading significant business growth initiatives and transformations within the organizations that he has served marks his career, whether it was through dramatic restructuring of accounting operations and financial controls; consolidating logistics operations to reduce the cost to serve consumers; orchestrating the integration of $1.7B in acquired revenue in 27 markets in 18 months; or deftly restructuring and managing the capital of an emerging growth company to permit an exit at 5x revenue multiple.

In all cases, Mr. Quinn has embraced a long-term strategic view, the ability to model the economics and financial impact, and the capability to help develop and then execute the strategic growth plans.

Read more about Mr. Quinn and his experience prior to HWSC in detail here.


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